Murder! at Beech Hill

Your presence is requested at Beech Hill for an evening filled with murder and mystery in order to commemorate the death of the late millionaire, Rick A. Rochester.

Among Rick's dying wishes, he wanted his will reading to be a party thrown in his honour to gather together those most important in his life. Between Rick's eccentric ex-wife to his spying servants and the provocative pool boy, it seems everyone has a chance of inheriting a piece of this millionaire's estate. 

As one of Rick's closest confidants & family members it is your help that is needed to piece together the mystifying death of Mr. Rochester, and to avoid being the victim of yet another murder.

Join us - if you dare!


- 3 course dinner

- Welcome drink 

- Character details & objectives provided on arrival

- Prizes for best dressed 

Book your tickets directly at Beech Hill or on

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