Years of Peace and Creativity

His son, Captain Thomas Skipton, was the man we have to thank for the present house. It was he who built it in 1739 and, because of the large number of surrounding trees, gave it the name of Beech Hill. 

Two generations later Thomas Skipton added a wing stretching out towards the brook and made some significant changes to the gardens. When he died the estate passed on to his cousin George Crookshanks Kennedy who immediately changed his name to Skipton. George continued a programme of improvements. He planted a substantial number of new trees and much improved the layout and appearance of the grounds which he believed would give people much pleasure. An impressive porch was added to the front of the house and also the big room that is situated over it and which is known as The Library. 

A change in ownership came in 1872 when Beech Hill was bought by the wealthy Nicholsons of Newbuildings. They made a number of internal changes to the house during their tenancy but in general it remained their simple family home.

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