The History

The first house to stand on the richly wooded Ardmore site was built in 1622 and was known as Ballyshaskey. It was commissioned by an Englishman, Alexander Skipton, who sadly did not live to enjoy it. The day before his family was due to move into the mansion Mr. Skipton was shot dead in a land ownership dispute with a local family.

His son, Captain Thomas Skipton, took up residence there in 1638. But in a period of rebellion 3 years later Thomas and his wife Charity were forced to flee under cover of darkness, narrowly escaping with their lives. Their home was burned to the ground.

Seemingly undeterred by these disasters, in 1661 Captain Skipton put up a new house. This he called Skipton Hall. It stood on the opposite side of the brook to the original building. The family remained there until the siege of 1688 when a retreating army, and a history repeat, reduced Skipton Hall to ashes.  Thomas’s son and heir, Captain Alex Skipton, continued to live on the estate, in an out-house, until his death in 1704.

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