Famous Derry walking trails at Beech Hill

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A walk around the idyllic Beech Hill grounds, whether you are a visitor or hotel guest, is the perfect opportunity to soak up the natural beauty and rich history of the hotel and its idyllic surrounds.

Every twist and turn of our glorious Beech Hill trails, though woodlands and landscaped gardens, are a nature lover’s dream - and a history buff’s haven.

Rest assured, an amazing walk awaits. And with us being a dog friendly hotel , it’s a great way to exercise your four-legged friend during your Beech Hill stay.

And all the while, opportunity awaits to enjoy our natural beauty and history - maybe even catch a glimpse of red squirrels, bats, buzzards and pheasants,

Our walking trails are waiting for you to explore:

Beech Hill Nicholson Trail

At 0.5 miles, this is a short circular trail within the grounds of the Beech Hill Country House Hotel. But there’s still plenty to see and explore in this area of outstanding natural beauty. The trail flows in an anti clockwise direction, leading you past the Kennedy –Skipton Coat of arms and the top pond. You’ll see The Gate Lodge, Walled Garden and Stone Arch - the site of the first house built here by Alexander Skipton in 1622. Crossing the top pond bridge and the trail brings you onto the Lime and Beech Tree Avenue - the original carriage avenue created back in 1835.

Green waymarkers keep you on the trail and next you’ll pass the the old Quonset Huts,  a world War II legacy when the Beech Hill formed part of Base One Europe - the largest US Naval Operating Base in Europe. The trail continues and comes to its end via the bridge between the middle and bottom ponds, past our waterfall and waterwheel.

Beech Hill O'Cahan Trail

Like the above and traversing the same route at times, and at just 0.2 miles, this is an ideal short walk and takes in many of the features described above - this time follow the yellow waymarkers as you traverse the private and wonderful Beech Hill grounds.

Beech Hill Skipton Trail

Follow the Skipton Trail, as per the waymarkers, past the front of the Hotel, the Marine Monuments and the marquee. This is a real opportunity to absorb the beauty of the wonderful main house - the epitome of Georgian elegance and gracious country living - before you cross the bridge between the middle and bottom ponds.

Beech Hill Marine Trail

Following the blue waymarkers, and the same route as indicated above until the Lime and Beech Tree Avenue, at one mile this is a longer trail that explores our links with the US Marines.

The famous Marine Trail (see media coverage) joins an old vehicle track leading past the car park which contains the old Quonset Huts and then onto the purpose built trail that weaves its way through the peaceful natural woodland until reaching a trail junction.

Bearing left, you’ll pass the the Marine Memory Tree where serving, and veteran Marines and their families carve their initials when they revisit Beech Hill. Around 750 US Navy and Marines personnel were billeted in one of the main accommodation camps in the woodlands around the present-day Beech Hill.

Continue to bear left and as you walk up hill, you’ll return to the bridge between the middle and bottom ponds.

Beech Hill Donnelly Trail

The gentle sloped paths of all our trials are perfect for walkers of all abilities. On the Donnelly Trail, you’ll again pass the coats of arms, Gate Lodge, Walled Garden, Stone Arch, Lime and Beech Tree Avenue and Quonset huts.

Then the Donnelly Trail blue waymarkers direct you onwards towards the remains of the World War II Base One Europe Beech Hill Camp boundary, and the old quarry, once a partly artificial hill called the Bower, surmounted by a moss house, to act as a vantage point. As you continue on the trail you’ll return to the bridge between the middle and bottom ponds.

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